Contemporary Ceramics

Ahora os quiero contar cuales son los objetos cerámicos que hago en mi taller, what most performed pieces are almost always around utility, tableware, Mug, cups for tea, bowls… but every day I propose challenges and, myself. So I went for example to make lamps for restaurants, sculptures and artists, algo de joyería y algunas veces experimentar por el mero hecho de llevar a cabo una idea o probar un esmalte o técnica diferente .

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Conducted workshops around for groups of children and adults. Where, actualmente en la academia de artePetit atelier dárts” Valencia, in schools as “Prat” Liria-Valencia. En eventos como la feria de artesanía “Other craft Altea- Alicante, “Mercado de Colón de Valencia”, en la semana de la artesanía deel Centro de Artesanía de la Comunidad Valenciana ” in ” Ruzafa love kids”. And as, custom classes in my own workshop. I love teaching, teach what is, I am passionate.

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“Chocoa” chocolatera diseñada por Demétrio Muñoz estudiante de UPV y realizada para su posterior producción.



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Thanks for visiting my site.

Here you can see some of the pottery I make in my shop Llíria-Valencia.

Everyone goes through a previous design, are then turned by hand or reproduced by Mold. After suffering several firings reach what you see, sometimes utilitarian pottery and others seeking new ways.

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